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[ Fresh & Frozen Catfish ]
Our fresh & frozen catfish is among the freshest gourmet fish available. In our automated plant, the production process takes less than 30 minutes. After processing they are placed on ice (IP) or individually quick frozen (IQF) to preserve their exceptional taste. Buy Fresh, Buy America's Catch. The Gourmet Catfish Company.

Whole Dressed Fish
Whole fish without entrails, head, or skin.
  • 5-7 oz. Whole IP, IQF
  • 7-9 oz. Whole IP, IQF
  • 9-11 oz. Whole IP, IQF
  • 11-13 oz. Whole IP, IQF
  • 13-15 oz. Whole IP, IQF
  • 15-17 oz. Whole IP, IQF
  • 16-24 oz. Whole IP
  • 24-32 oz. Whole IP
  • 32-up oz. Whole IP

  • Shank Fillets
    A fillet with the nugget section removed.
  • 2-3 oz. Fillet IP, IQF
  • 3-5 oz. Fillet IP, IQF
  • 5-7 oz. Fillet IP, IQF
  • 7-9 oz. Fillet IP, IQF
  • 9-12 oz. Fillet IP, IQF
  • 12-up oz. Fillet IP, IQF

  • Nuggets, Strips, & Steaks
    Nuggets are the lower part of the shank fillet IP and IQF
    Strips are lengthwise cuts from a shank fillet IP and IQF
    Steaks are cross-sectioned slices of the whole dressed fish available in IP and IQF

    Nutrition Facts: Fresh (IP) Fillets & Frozen IQF*



    * Color coded for easy reference.
    ** Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
    ( IP = Ice Pack / IQF = Individually Quick Frozen )

    Box Dimensions
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